Transparent: Rage!

A violent UNCONTROLLABLE anger! Anger ~ a STRONG feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility! Hmmm, which captures the mindset of where I find myself … today? Well, ANGER!! I guess that self-control thing bites me in the butt every time. Have you ever (let me guess for those who sweep things under the carpet — uuuh, note … if you keep doing this your carpet will began to, eventually, lift because it needed to be dealt with and now you’re staring down the barrel of implosion; possibly even explosion. A weapon of some sort which includes words, etc. but what do I know …) … did you lose your place? Probably. But the question I started with, within itself, had the answer. Of course, we all have dealt with some moment of feeling abundantly angry, but did it get to rage?! I can honestly admit … with the self-control I have, it hasn’t gotten that far.

I remember one time (it was right after coming out of a 3 day sleep depression. All I wanted to do to cope with the pain {and yes, no eating during these days}), was dealing with a situation with my Mom. I knew anger had come once I awakened but didn’t realize the extent till that moment when she was saying, seemingly, all the “wrong” things. I had wound up telling my Dad that had I not gone away for awhile I don’t know what I would have done. Depression is SEVERE despondency! Nothing but darkness surrounds your very essence. Its presence so defining that the sharpest knife couldn’t sear it.

Why won’t we be honest to the truth of where we REALLY are mentally?! Too often we try different coping mechanisms that aren’t working. What is it to read something like this? Why am I choosing to be transparent about something so personal that even my vulnerability is vulnerable? Because we gotta speak up. Look at the shootings; mindless killings across our nation. In our world! And, sadly, taking a stand is only encouraged when others do so. The only thing in this … sometimes it’s too late! I speak today because I’ve been speaking. I don’t know who will hear me. I don’t know who will care. I’m just thankful that I can write it out that … “I’m WRITE Hear”!

I’ll repost “I’m WRITE Hear” and, by all means, share your thoughts with me. And definitely share with those you know who need, also, to speak up!

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