That “ONE” Counts

A Blogger’s Plight

A bloggers nightmare! Can’t think! Can’t write! Can’t sit! Can’t type … yes, the ultimate of the blog. What does a blogger do if they couldn’t connect to the world through words? Go stir crazy I imagine. That’s what it has felt like. But, during this hiatus, I learned something. I removed the guilt and shame I started feeling because I read other popular bloggers say, “You must write everyday!” It made sense at the time but life deals us blows and sometimes words get lost in the shuffle. Yes, in the abyss of our minds lies a sea of a “jumbled mentality.” The thought is, we supposed to work through these periods, but what can you do if you don’t have access to put it on your page that you’ve spent you’re last dime on?! Then all the guilt comes pouring in because you want to be heard, seen by the countless readers out there that, perhaps, your words can change their situation! Puzzling isn’t it? Yet, here I stand (sit on my bed) and remove all those who may feel guilty if they cannot post day in and out. Yes, we may not get to the millions, let alone thousands, of readers out there, but if we reach one … does not that one count?!

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