“But …???”

Isn't amazing of how one word can have such a powerful meaning?
Its dealing to force anyone, everyone, to think
The blink of an eye sunk you into the abyss of its strength
Length far exceeding your stamina
Graduated beyond bachelor
Never imagined the wrestle in the "what we don't wanna do's"
Pursued awarded by its involuntary choose
What does this mean? Is there a way around it?
No! 'Cause its demand is command's grip
We, most often, try to create moments of the "only choice" option
Yet the "But's" in the world doesn't leave much to auction
An auction's process is a win to the highest bid
Mustn't be outdid by the one who's pockets are without lids
God forbid the dire of the thing wanted right at your fingertips
"Going once! Going twice ... sold ... "
The desire eclipsed
If only we could change the "But's" of the world
Pearled would be the one that clever
Still confused endeavor? ... I will not leave you in the dark
"But" is the contrast, impossibility for you ... the another's embark
We will always face another's rebut
Yet, here's your chance to use the power ... "But ... ???"

By Katherine Matthews

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