If You Don’t Read This …

Hello everyone! How are you this blessed day? Yes, interesting for me to make this blog almost a letter to each special individual who will read it. Look at the heading “If You Don’t Read This,” yeah, quite interesting. Nothing’s going to happen. Did you ever wonder why folks always trying to bait you into something? I cannot stand that, but then …. I’m trying to bait you into reading my blog (lol). It’s a part of life. There it goes again. This thing in “life.” Like, why is everything centered around it? Perhaps because we’re all doing it (LMBO~laughing my butt off). A person who is dead can’t read; let alone get on a computer or anything of the sort.

Where it lies is intent. When I get the chance to blog, I want to make (as many out there do) a difference. Yes, we have many who are divisive but there are a few of us who truly want to make a difference. Now, see I was going to put our President, but decided not to. Is he divisive in many ways …. O GOODNESS YES!!!! But, as a person wanting to make a difference: I see a person who is just lonely in his mind, who does everything he possibly can to just be … recognized. Many of us get it twisted that people with money or status view life differently than those who don’t. But that is completely incorrect. I once heard the comedian Chris Rock say, “People with money just have more opportunities but we’re really all the same.” It’s true! Realize, more opportunity can be worse if you’re horrible at narrowing things down (lol). When it’s all said and done it will boil down to 2 things …. either you will or you won’t! I’m just sayin’.

Open up to broaden our scope

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