The Bleeding Beat Down

Ever wonder why life continues to beat you down when you’re already under a heavy load? I’ve oftentimes wondered, “Uuuuh, I’m already beneath the ground. I can’t go any lower. Even hell can’t accept me {assuming that is, literally, the lowest we could ever go} ’cause I’m not dead yet.” (lol). Now, this is just my take on it (that just came to me) ~ the beat down we suffer is, we have something to live for; a refinement, if you will, to endure because the best is coming! Just think, when people kill themselves they conclude there’s nothing else to keep them going. Life has beat them down so to the point that “What else do I have?” And, they are right to a degree. Sometimes the stripping away can bring you to the lowest of lows. That wonder of if there is such a thing as a “head above water” existence! We PERSEVERE because we BELIEVE there is another tomorrow and DECIDE I can make it! Notice, I didn’t say tomorrow will get better. The indication is that there is … something!! Rather it be family, friends, hopes, dreams, etc. … we press! My attribution is, and will forever be, to God! I NEED His help! I CANNOT do this by myself. Life beats me down to the point where my tears have become the imprints of my character. But it isn’t so! After the bleeding heart empties I, somehow, get back up! That’s gotta be God. I’m just sayin’.

It’s where it is

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