This doodle picture drawn well over 20 years ago still makes me laugh. The caption states: “I can’t hear you!” Yet he’s thinking caption is: “Why can’t I hear when my ears are sooooo huge?”

The power of the pencil and paper! It hasn’t gone out of style! We still have to use them no matter how far technology has brought us. The amazing thing about the pencil and paper is … did you ever notice when you’re in the midst of something and, as a “time killer,” start drawing a picture of some sort? Crazy things come to mind as your waiting for that 10 minute hold period because they’re figuring out a light bill; waiting to write down information for the “whatevers” and “such and such’es.” The doodle has been a strong companion. Perhaps, maybe, our greatest ideas (inventions, etc) will come for taking out the time to just … “doodle!”

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