Men … Heeeeeelp!!

Are you kidding me?

So, when a man shows interest in a woman yet it’s all about himself
Does she suppose to reply to whatever is his compel?
He calls, doing the various “things,” to get her attention
Dismissing her mention, yet, she still tries to diffuse possible tension
The conversation
Man … “Hello! How are you? What you been up to? It’s been awhile since we’ve chatted.”
Woman … “I’m doing well, thanks! How about you? And, yes, but nothing much has really happened.”
Man … “I know the last time we talked you were telling me about some conditions opposed.”
Woman … “I don’t recall exactly what you’re talking about, but, I guess, the issues were finally disposed.”
 …. “How are you? You never answered my question. How has things been going?”
Man … “Why are you trying to put it on me? You are the focus in knowing”
Woman … “Oh!! (puzzled) Well … as I said I’m doing fine. I hope the same for you.”
Man … “Yeah! So, hey, are you single? What’s up with you?”
Woman … ???
Nothing but silence
Men, reveal to us, “What the heck should be, if plausible, our compliance?!!!”

By Katherine Matthews

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