Admit #2: Willingness to Settle

Hold on! Wait a minute!!
Piece of Peace
Be it a second
A minute
Withheld strength in it
The serenity of the quiet beckons our center
Yielded, we surrender, believing … “This instance is in stance
“Postured chance to liberate mandate’s labor
“Layer upon layer … the pile of routine’s grip”
The hidden, “Sometimes we want to slip” but equipped to lie
Yes! An outcry that “I’m torn into pieces
“Ceaseless is the arduous ethics in trying to maintain
“But the pain is more in gain”
In the distance I see a rather approaching
The enclosing element of timelessness
Just as priceless as any jewel held in esteem
Instance is the redeemed
Now, gather the journey traveled by the supposed comforts to nestle
Being honest that there is a “Willingness to Settle”

By Katherine Matthews

2 thoughts on “Admit #2: Willingness to Settle

    1. That is awesome! I look fwd to reading what you have!

      Please, accept my apologies for the delay in response; just discovered my comments were going into my spam folder.

      Thank you kindly for your words! It means a great deal to me! I know we’ve all be there willing to “settle,” but it’s how we look at in our settlement! (wink)


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