Strong feelings of bewilderment begging the question of embitterment
The agonizing frustration of “What the heck is going on?”
“Once upon a time,” holds no history at anytime
Consistently persisting its vague
Is its plague
“Why such a powerful presence with forcible acceptance?
“Can’t even maneuver your life’s sentence”

I'm not talking about the "Huh" that requests explanation or speaking clearly
Nope! I'm referring to the pestering dissonance of its dreary
Like, explain traffic without any incidents
Who's the culprit's activists inhibiting the flow?
Minutes. Hours. "Does anyone know?"
Or like the shock of Trump becoming President
Yelp! I said it, 'cause it's tremendously relevant
I know he became because voters put him in
So did we decide that ignorance wins?
Please, tell me your thoughts
Is there a way to connect the dots diminishing "Huuuh's" inhabitance?
Or are we forever doomed with its calamitous?

By Katherine Matthews

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