Into Me …

Confession’s Pathway …
Beginning to see just how personal it can become
For some it’s defined as sexual; for others a deep affection
One would have to recon pending its concession
The behavior of this feeling or action should be carefully assessed
Addressed with finesse
Hungry for the touch of a person’s attention starts with the mention
Pretense of the echoed agenda quiets the receiver
While the silence of the heart bellows the believer
Seems confusing? Yes, it is
It’s the whiz of the definer’s challenge
When our personal reaches the closet of vulnerability
We shield its fragility
Gauging in a world with constant disappointment can disjoint anyone
Everyone wants to be the “some” who appears to have it “altogether”
Rather or not this be true
The seeming is that “they can do”
Affection is love and can be expressed in the act of sex
Not to be complex but to always respect its context
Life is the culmination of delicacy
And we are the catalyst of another’s “Into Me" you see


By Katherine Matthews

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