Hey! I’m “Write Hear”

“I’d like to have a little talk with you
“Your constant surfacing to do your do
“Can’t just leave a person an ounce of peace
“Exhausting unease at the power of your intrigue
“Humor, intellect ... avoidance even tried
“Nothing is working! You simply won’t die
“The cry of the subconscious awaiting its entrance
“Won’t check my clearance ‘cause it’s all about your remembrance
“Loneliness! Pain! Separation … constant reminds
“Assigned to make notice a voice to rise
“Too disguised.
“Buried treasures of a heart so tender and sweet
“But qualities of your presence not good enough to seek
“OK! Do your thing and speak …”
“Hello! My name is admittance, and I’m the wonder in your isolation
“The reason you press during times of consternation
“My motivation to safeguard; to encourage your prevail
“Self identity’s shell withholding the excel
“Be silent but be heard in the moments needed most
“The importance of your presence is Confidence’s boast …”
Now, the play on of words in the title speaks to all the “us’s” to be clear
Over lookers! Under seekers ... “Hey! I’m Write Hear”

By Katherine Matthews

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