Which One Is It?

The role of a woman; the role of a man
Who can by searching understand?
If the woman is seen as the “weaker” and the man as “strength”
Why the battle to “What is the extent?”
He can’t have a baby and she can’t provide seed
Can we just get the lesson that “roles” reverse to supply need?
Some men stigmatize women, “Don’t speak … just be beautiful
“Your beauty fits the public persona while your thinking … unsuitable”
Question: would gestures count as talking? She wouldn’t want to be out of sorts
Your mantle piece overheard your partner’s embezzlement scheme but justice took you to court
She has a weakness so tender that draws people in that can change uncomfortable situations
Her vitality to multitask many life’s work quite the motivation
Some women stigmatize men to be “only what you can buy for me”
Needing days just to rest, instead of being grateful, you complain of no sensitivity
Question: would getting fired be his fault? The job, hit by economy, had to downsize
Your unappreciated man couldn’t take anymore so he got with the woman stigmatized…
The intrigue of the quest must come to an end but leave this thought to you
Consider the opposite of your gender. You’re here because of their do
Want to know how ….
Hehehehe …

Tweak exert from "A Mirror's Reflection"

By Katherine Matthews

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