No More

Highly improbable or extraordinary events which bring very welcoming consequences
Evidence of appearance in the “how did that happen;” cost … a man’s life fashioned
Conditions of aches, pains, sickness and disease overtaking one’s anatomy
Faith, mustard seed size, can remove such catastrophes
Emphatically the power that lives, moves and have my being knows the truth you bear
All else has failed, but one last thing, so try it and cast your care
I know it seems strange to fathom receiving something that astounding from a write
Removing ritualistic views that “everything must happen the same” the point in plain sight
Permission, by and with His decree alone, will effect
Writing, such as I have, a liaison’s direct
And now …
“Silently, yet fervently, praying for you, the reader, to be restored
“Father God, I thank You for that one who believed. Let that infirmity be no more!”

By Katherine Matthews

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