Enough Has Always Been

Is there ever enough love to go around?
Seems a simple yes
But, what about those who believe (to know) they’re not within the compound
Begs the reason for the quest
Yesterday’s wonder “How did we come to desire love?”
Our parents? Guardians? A blessed angel?
What are the fruits thereof?
To some a mere fable

God is love and love has been God
He’s the reason we fathom the feelings of “awed”
I noticed something quite intriguing while watching others coo over babies
A misnomer was broken that the feelings were only in ladies
Men, also, displayed joy in what could possibly be
Their planted seed of life in reality
Why is the desire of procreation in existence?
An unending persistence penetrating our subsistence
It’s absolutely brilliant!
Before there was foundation an ONLY begotten Son was slain
Specific order of evolution’s process none could detain
Just think, when you looked across a crowded room someone captured your eye
With beaded sweat and flooded nervousness the thought … “I’ve got to try”
The surge of opportunity boosted your confidence … “What’s the worst that could happen?”
Bonafide rejection! Yeah, but maybe his or her heart captured
Such is the story of hearts broken countless times; the anticipation of perhaps
The only way to be found by love is to keep wisely giving it a chance
Aaah! The thoughts of God brings me joy; Christ sacrificing Himself
Who can by searching find this expression? I guarantee … no one else!
Joy, peace, longsuffering and gentleness are just a few of His traits
Try His love out for size! A forever trusted mate
Perchance Valentine’s Day needs to become as any … a thankfulness of within
Remember there is a Savior name Jesus advocating to us … “Enough Has Always Been"

By Katherine Matthews

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