Unthinkably Thoughtful

Who would have thought? Who would have known? Who would have imagined an unimaginable tone? A tone of a solemn heartbeat whose aches bleed; unable to bandage the pierced seed’s deed.

A thought left to wonder: what could hurt more than death? The damaged residue consistently lingering with each breath. Close your eyes counting: 1-2-3, 3-2-1. Inhale … exhale; any changes? None ….

Surrendered by the higher power; “hey, where is the relief?” Anguished filled anger … “But He’s still Chief.” “Does He not recognize my humanity? I’m trying daily to push forward. There must be some kind of blessing that He has in order.” ….

Surfaced smiles hiding the frown. Can’t take anymore … about to drown. A wayward down seems quite sound. Ignoring its presence won’t make it go away. Lingers stay no matter your refusal. Forgiving the accusal leads to renewal. It is as fuel ….

To be conformed into the image of the Son! Nothing’s won that can’t be done! It is the empowerment! The agony to resist … It is the insistence to endure when you’re pissed ….

Every damnable expression to avenge, shattered by self-control’s ascend …. Now pay closer attention when the twists of thoughtfulness is amicable! And hear the cry of volatile anguish compressed by an anger unimaginable!

By Katherine Matthews

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