For Granted

For we are a race; for we are a gender. For we are a culture with pride in splendor. Granted to see! Granted to hear! Granted to walk and hold things dear! Granted to breathe! Granted to think! Granted to politic and be a people in and out of sync

The summation to who we are bears enormous! Granted for a cause beyond self’s importance. Do we bother to see the connection which stretches across the seas? Not likely ’cause “social stances” show our “world” appeased! Like the veteran granted to lose a limb in battle; or those chosen to be born without hearing the smallest rattle

For those granted illnesses due to different types of organisms, and those working tirelessly to find cures due to their optimism. Our tendencies tend to focus on pleasures the “I deserve to get”. Even to over publicize tragedies for selfish benefits

So, why were we granted to be born a woman or man? Born in China, Australia, or Afghanistan? Why are we granted to be poor or rich? Yet blinded by the fact that each contains a glitch. Interestingly, we are granted to be shallow in our thinking, maintain self-centeredness, as though we’re our beginning. Some will, unfortunately, care who wrote this: gender and race, but realize its subtle prejudice, it separates

People of the world, we have been granted to take life for granted! Speak and try peace until someone invades our enchanted! Stop to take a careful look to all of mankind. It’s about us as a people in need of each other’s design. Understand this truth which explains our existence … we are evidences of God and HIS thought provoking brilliance!

Written by Katherine Matthews

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