A Mirror’s Reflect

Life’s directions entail many reflections most of which we truly can’t see. The power of what’s realized, and things left compromised, boils down to what’s believed!

We engage within an angle, never thinking it to entangle, in hopes that specific outcomes will take place. Not fully considering the costs paid, blindly accepting scopes weighed, accountability to displace?

We are mirrors reflecting an image of what we want others to see; that held in decree until, unbeknownst to be? Acting as though there’s no hidden, by ensuring shadowed forbidden, will not epitomize a “free”.

Pens used to write our imaginary tales does and will not change what’s beyond the veil. We are as vapor being a light for all else; consider even our enemies as ourselves and that’s the glory in and of its wealth!

Now, as we embrace the truth of our angles, let us take on Christ’s principled disentangle. Broaden the narrow of our concepts into what He’s established as “A Mirror’s Reflect”

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